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BISM-6 Family

BISM-6 Family
The system for final continuous inspection of banknotes, it constitutes a complex with equipment for cutting and packaging

BISM-6 (The Single Banknote Inspection and Sorting Machine, 6 channels) is designed to create, in combination with the CUTPAK-II machine, an integrated automated system for sheet cutting and banknote bundling with automatic single note inspection for compliance with requirements of the current specification.


  • The system has a high rate of fault detection.
  • Detection parameters and sorting criteria can be adjusted by qualified personnel.
  • Independence of inspection channels.
  • The system ensures the opportunity to save and print out inspection results per shift and per day, to accumulate, save, and transfer inspection results per month, quarter, year, or any period specified by the staff, to the IT system of the enterprise.

BISM-6 consists of two main parts:

  • conveyor system (CS) – 1 piece;
  • Inspection and sorting channel (ISC) – 6 pcs.

The CS is designed to accept banded batches (packs of 100 banknotes each) from the “CUT” unit, to move them to one of the ISC’s, to accept the banded fit banknote batches that have passed the test from the ISC, to move and transfer them to the “PACK” unit.

ISC is designed to check and sort all incoming banknotes into fit and unfit with subsequent disintegration of unfit ones and banding of fit ones as batches to be returned to the CS. The working throughput of one ISC amounts to at least 57 000 banknotes/hour.

BISM-6 remains able to operate during downtime of one or several ISC’s (for routine maintenance, repair or revamping), only its maximum throughput is reduced accordingly and the “PACK” and “CUT” units are sent messages for a simultaneous decrease in throughput.