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BISM Family

BISM Family
The system for final continuous inspection of banknotes (it functions as a complex with equipment for cutting and packaging)
The maximum throughput of one ISC is 90 000 banknotes per hour
Scanning and analysis of full-format banknote images (both sides in various spectra)

Banknote Inspection and Sorting Machine (BISM) is in operation at printing factories of JSC Goznak. It ensures 100% quality control of banknotes.

BISM parts:

  • CS - conveyor system that consists of an input conveyor and an output conveyor
  • ISC - inspection and sorting channels, from 2 to 6 pieces

The complex ensures:

  • cutting of printed sheets;
  • total single banknote inspection;
  • packaging and marking of OK banknote bundles.


BISM-6 is an integrated system for processing of banknote products. It includes cutting and packaging modules CutPak-II  by KBA – Giori.

BISM-6 contains a CS and six ISC's.

The cutting equipment outputs banded packets (100 notes each).

UNO / BISM-3 complex

UNO / BISM-3 complex is an example of a jointly developed and delivered banknote processing system. Equipment for sheet cutting and banknote packaging is delivered by UNO Seisakusho Co., Ltd

UNO / BISM-3 complex contains a CS and three ISC's.

The cutting equipment outputs non-banded bundles (1000 notes each).


The principal BISM functionality is ensured by ISC (each machine has 2 to 6 ISC's).

ISC functions:

  • total single note inspection on both sides, detection of defects;
  • sorting of inspected banknotes in good and defective products;
  • recording series and numbers of processed banknotes;
  • banding good banknotes in packets;
  • processing of defective banknotes: shredding or placing them in special cassettes.
  • Its visible, IR and UV spectrum cameras, magnetic security and metallization detectors allow the system to detect over 100 kinds of defects at various printing stages.

The list of monitored parameters fully matches Technical Specifications for the product being processed.

Both parameters of defects detection and criteria of sorting are set up in accordance with conditions of production.

The working throughput of one ISC is up to 70 000 banknotes per hour.

The main advantages of BISM:

  • automatic total single banknote inspection in full compliance with requirements of the customer;
  • embeddability in a printing process chain;
  • possibility to change the settings when moving from one product (denomination) to the next one;
  • scalable performance - depending on manufacturing requirements;
  • possibility to adjust inspection  and sorting parameters;
  • flexible technology of processing of rejects (additional checks or disintegration);
  • logging and storing information on banknotes (including serial numbers), machine operation and action of personnel;
  • possibility of barcode marking of packets and bundles complete with  a list of contents (banknotes) for every pack unit;
  • independence of inspection channels, possibility of expansion in the number of inspection channels;
  • data export to adjacent automated systems, including the enterprise management system.