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Launch of QIS 700, a new quality inspection system


A whole new phase in longstanding partnership between BIS LLC and JSC Goznak aimed at providing the latter with equipment for processing of secure products proved to be the development and implementation of a new machine for printing quality inspection: Automated Inspection System for Intermediate Products in Sheets  QIS 700. In May 2017, two systems were put into operation at the Perm Printing Factory (Branch of JSC Goznak).

The new product's design was completed in a very short time. From the outset of QIS 700 development till completion of commissioning at the Perm Printing Factory it had been less than 1,5 years.

The new QIS 700 product incorporated tried and tested solutions:

- based on BISM6 technology, but improved under consideration of accumulated experience and the latest developments, the recognition system ensured high inspection quality,

- the transporter system employed a conveyor line by Mabeg Systems GmbH, Germany, a company with a wealth of positive experience in delivering equipment for printing production.

Using the QIS 700 systems provided for fulfillment of the customer's request to ensure continuous sequential numbering of ready products and for an increase in quality and quantity of manufactured products thanks to 100% automatic quality inspection.

The QIS 700 Automated Inspection Systems for Intermediate Products in Sheets became an important  item in JSC Goznak's quality inspection system and an integral part of the comprehensive  production control and management system.