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Release of a new system for periodical quality control of sheets


The story of the QIS 300 system for periodical quality control of semi-finished products in sheet form was taken to a whole new level with the launch of an advanced model whose scanning resolution reached 40 dots/mm. In the beginning of 2018 two advanced QIS 300 systems known as Corrector WKS were brought into operation at the Perm Printing Factory - a subsidiary of JSC Goznak. The advanced QIS 300 system can be used for quality sampling control of secure printed products from mass-production sheets to substrates after just a single printing pass (the latter may be worth inspecting after changeover to a new product type or after equipment maintenance).

Classification of defects in QIS 300 is compatible with the one adopted in automated systems for single note inspection (BISM-6) and for sheet inspection (QIS 700). Thanks to that, QIS 300 can be a part of an integrated comprehensive quality control and production management system.