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BARS 5600M Sorting and counting machine It has a very high throughput and a fully-featured system for detection of authenticity and fitness of banknotes Read more
Banknote Sheet Inspection System The Banknote Sheet Inspection System is designed for automated check of print quality onsite through periodic inspection of freshly printed sheets. Read more
ACCESS racks-and-containers system Intelligent system for storage of valuables Read more
BISM-6 The Single Banknote Inspection and Sorting Machine The system for final continuous inspection of banknotes (it functions as a complex with equipment for cutting and packaging) Read more
Productionread more Processingread more Storageread more Disintegrationread more
Recertification of the quality management system for correspondence to requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 It was confirmed that the BIS LLC quality management system matched the requirements of the new ISO 9001 standard.
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Release of a new system for periodical quality control of sheets In the beginning of 2018 two advanced QIS 300 systems known as Corrector WKS were brought into operation at the Perm Printing Factory - a subsidiary of JSC Goznak.
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Putting into operation the 3rd stage of the Comprehensive Quality Control and Production Records System (CQC&PRS) for banknote products at JSC Goznak At the end of 2017, the 3rd stage of the Comprehensive Quality Control and Production Records System (CQC&PRS) for banknote products was put into operation at JSC Goznak.
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About us

BIS LLC is engaged in development of integrated solutions for support of the full life cycle of banknotes and other counterfeit-proof products, from manufacturing through sorting, counting, storage, and transportation to disintegration.

For over 20 years BIS LLC solutions have been helping banks and banknote printing factories to increase efficiency through implementation of state-of-the-art technologies at each step of the life cycle of banknotes.