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Product monitoring, automation of cutting and packing, quality control of security products

Banknote Sheet Inspection System Systems for periodical quality control of semi-finished products in sheet form Reliable and fast automated quality control with multi-level analysis of printed sheets
CutPak Process Control System Automated control system for CutPak-II secure products cutting and packing machine.
Modernization of the system is an example of machine life extension through revamping of outdated equipment.
BISM-6 Family The system for final continuous inspection of banknotes, it constitutes a complex with equipment for cutting and packaging
QIS 700 Automated Printing Quality Inspection System for Banknotes and other Secure Products in Sheets
CQC&PRS omprehensive quality control and production records system
COMPASS hardware and software complex The system for full final online inspection of the plastic page in Russian travel passports