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QIS 700

QIS 700
Automated Printing Quality Inspection System for Banknotes and other Secure Products in Sheets
Feeding rate - up to 12 000 sheets per hour
Sheet size - up to 700 820 mm
Scanning characteristics - scanning images in the visible spectrum in color; in the IR spectrum and UV luminescence of images in the visible spectrum; transmission scanning in IR spectrum

Accurate double-sided inspection of every single exemplar in a sheet in one run.

Inspecting banknotes before numbers are applied to them ensures consecutive numbering of banknotes in finished output.

Modular design enables adaptation of hardware configuration to individual customers' requirements.

Sheet transport system ensures that mechanical impact on products under inspection is reduced to a minimum.

Key functions:

  • Withdrawal of sheets from incoming pile
  • Printing quality inspection of exemplars in sheets for conformance to specifications (serial number recognition is possible)
  • Marking individual out-of-spec exemplars in sheets
  • Stacking sheets in piles in accordance with inspection results
  • Generation of reports with inspection results
  • Transfer of inspection results to the IT system of the enterprise