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Quality policy of BIS LLC

To increase the efficiency of its activity BIS LLC continuously perfects the Quality Management System (QMS)

Our Mission

Bank Innovation Systems LLC (BIS LLC) is a full life-cycle engineering company engaged in development, manufacturing, and support of unique hi-tech products. The core business comprises sophisticated systems intended to process printed security products:

  • automated systems for cutting and packaging, and for quality control of printed security products, as well as in-process monitoring systems;
  • integrated automation of cash processing;
  • equipment of automated vaults and their components;
  • automation of printed security products’ disintegration.

The company's products represent a combination of goods, services, and know-how.

The main target of BIS LLC is the fullest satisfaction of the customers' requirements and wishes, and stability of the company's financial standing.


Primary customers of BIS LLC are manufacturers of printed security products, as well as national and commercial banks, in both domestic and international market. BIS LLC strives to ensure their high satisfaction with three main factors: high quality of products, fulfillment of obligations within shortest possible time, and reliable maintenance service.


The following principles underly the activity aimed at delivery of quality products:

  • leadership of the management team;
  • involvement of highly-skilled professionals in product making processes;
  • use of state-of-the art equipment and infrastructure facilitating conformity of products to requirements;
  • long-term and mutually beneficial relations with partners and suppliers;
  • ongoing analysis and improvement of the company's activity and products.


For continuous progress, development and improvement, BIS LCC:

  • aims at finding and taking into account all requirements and requests of customers;
  • updates and expands the range of products;
  • increases quality of products, efficiency of processes;
  • improves skills of staff members, strives to create a motivation system;
  • aims at achieving that all staff members care for their internal customers;
  • reduces production costs through optimization;
  • perfects the QMS and ensures that it meets the requirements of ISO 9001.


The management team of BIS LLC assumes obligations to:

  • notify all company employees of the present Policy;
  • implement Quality Policy;
  • continuously improve performance of the QMS        being focused on customer interests;
  • provide the QMS with all necessary resources.