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Precision Mechanics Shop

Precision Mechanics Shop is a production unit of BIS LLC. It manufactures turned and milled precision parts.

It is located in an insulated room equipped with split systems in order to keep stability of temperature, which is very important for manufacturing of precision parts.

Precision Mechanics Shop has 4 highly-efficient CNC precision machines by OKUMA (Japan):

  • OSP-P200LA CNC turning machines: LB 200 MC and LB 2000 EX MC
  • OSP 200 MA CNC milling machines: two MB 46 VAE's

This equipment supports the manufacturing of any parts up to quality class 6 and degree of roughness 1,6 Ra of various materials: structural steel, stainless steel, duralumin alloys, copper, brass and bronze alloys, and various kinds of plastic (PTFE, Tecaform, nylon plastic, acryl).

Basic technical specifications of N machines

Milling machines

Max. dimensions of a flat part 500400150 mm
Max. dimensions of a part for rotary table 260350 mm
Table surface 1000460 mm
Spindle rotational speed and capacity 10 /50-8000 RPM
Displacement unit for X, Y, and Z-direction 0,001 mm
Displacement unit for A-direction 0,001 degree
The machines feature KITAGAWA "rotary table (4th axis A)" built in as complementary option, which substantially expands machines' capabilities

One of the milling machines is equipped with a Renishaw probing system.

Turning machines

Max bar diameter (with automatic bars loader) 51 mm
Max. dimensions of workpieces 250300 mm
Main spindle rotational speed and capacity 7,5  / 6000 RPM
Displacement unit for X, Y, and -direction 0,001  degree
Motor capacity of driving tool 3,7 kW
Machines are turn-mill machining centers as each of them features a turret-head with a drive and necessary attachments for axial and radial milling and thread-cutting

In addition to the main machines, the shop is equipped with auxiliary ones: a drilling machine, universal turning and milling machine tools, and a band cutoff machine in the blank section.

For intra-operative and final checks, the shop has various state-of-the-art electronic measuring instruments:

  • calipers with electronic displays and measuring accuracy of 0,01 mm,
  • micrometers with electronic displays and measuring accuracy of 0,01 mm,
  • sets of internal calipers with electronic displays and measuring accuracy of 0,01 mm,
  • a large set of plain and thread gages.