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A new generation high throughput sorter that processes both freshly printed banknotes and banknotes coming from the market with high quality-assured monitoring.
BARS S5 Pro is designed to be used both at printing presses and in medium to large cash settlement centers.
feeding rate 20 banknotes/s
hopper capacity (banknote feeder) 2500+ banknotes
strapping module pockets 2 output pockets with a capacity of 1500 banknotes each (3 piles of 5100 banknotes)
accumulation module pockets 4 output pockets with a capacity of 100 banknotes each

1)      High throughput

BARS S5 Pro is a new generation sorter with a higher banknote feeding rate in comparison to medium range sorters. Feeder with the opportunity to load more banknotes (2500+) cuts time losses for loading and makes the handling of banknote packages easier. Proprietary process technology with the use of header cards allows for high performance when working with deposits.

2)      High quality of sorting

High resolution of detectors, unique pattern recognition and image processing algorithms ensure reliable authentication of banknotes, excellent fitness degree determination and detection of defects occurred during circulation, as well as highly accurate recognition of serial numbers in banknotes. Spare places for mounting of additional scanners and detectors make it possible to expand in the number of security features that can be detected.

3)      Automatic banding and shredding

The opportunity to add a banding module for packets of 100 banknotes and a shredding module for unfit banknotes increases productivity by automating manual functions and optimizing banknote processing  technology. On-line shredding allows for restoration of serial numbers of shredded banknotes in event of any fault.

4)      Alternative to heavy duty systems

Its compact size and affordable price make BARS S5 Pro just the right solution for cash centers, which operate on different scales, because any such center can be equipped with the optimum number of sorters ensuring necessary throughput. A complex consisting of several networked BARS S5 Pro machines is as productive and reliable as any heavy duty system.

High throughput, compact size, and unique modular floor-standing design with an inbuilt desk make the BARS S5 Pro system a sole representative of a class of its own.

BARS S5 Pro was successfully tested at the Central Bank of Russia and is recommended for use by credit institutions:

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