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CutPak Process Control System

CutPak Process Control System
Automated control system for CutPak-II secure products cutting and packing machine.
Modernization of the system is an example of machine life extension through revamping of outdated equipment.

CutPAK Process Control System is a system for automated control of the KBA – Giori’s cutting and packing machine for secure products CutPAK-II.

BIS LLC revamped several CutPAK-II machines at Goznak factories.

Benefits after revamping:

  • Increased throughput as a result of both an increase in speed and optimization of a number of operations.
  • Quick troubleshooting thanks to diagnostics subsystem.
  • Easy enhancement (automatic transfer of operation reports to the business management system, integration with new machines) thanks to the use of up-to-date communication means.
  • Maintenance cost saving thanks to the use of up-to-date hardware.
  • Readiness of the machine’s drums to be replaced by the BISM-6 complex.