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BARS 3000 (Discontinued)

BARS 3000 (Discontinued)
Fully-featured compact sorting and counting machine with high throughput and additional pockets
dimensions: 630 490 360 mm
weight: 48 kg
maximum feeding speed: 15 banknotes /s
maximum counting and sorting rate: 54 000 banknotes /h

Main functions

  1. Counting of banknotes.
  2. Authentication, determination of acceptability and unfitness level.
  3. Denomination sorting.
  4. Multilevel fitness sorting.
  5. Sorting by orientation.

The range of technical ability is comparable with the one of big desktop machines used by central banks, BARS 3000 however doesn’t require preliminary installation.

  • Processing of all kinds and modifications of banknotes.
  • Simple and fast adaptation to new denominations and modifications of banknotes.
  • Selection of processing modes and currency types.
  • Sorting of banknotes packages with mixed denominations and orientations.
  • 7 sorting levels of banknotes by their physical condition: from ATM fit to unfit.

Special opportunities

  • Add-on output pockets.
  • Standard and original reporting forms.
  • Easy integration into computerized accounting and financial management systems.
  • Time-unlimited storage of data on machine operation shifts.
  • Information on detection results for each suspect banknote.
  • Authentication, determination of acceptability of banknotes in all processing modes, logging of the total amount, automatic reconciliation.
  • Installation of additional detectors for high level security features of banknotes.