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BARS 5000 series

BARS 5000 series
Middle class desktop sorting and counting machine with an option
of co-ordinated sorting in a network
advanced quality sorting thanks to new scanners for visible and infrared spectrum
rapid alternation between currencies, easy adaptation to a new currency and a new banknote type
co-ordinated operation of several BARS machines as an Automated complex for stream processing of banknotes (ASPB)

Main functions

  • counting of banknotes
  • multi-level sorting by unfitness
  • sorting by orientation and denomination
  • reliable authentication of banknotes, determination of their payability
  • logging of amount, reconciliation (in all modes)
  • generation of reports

Original solutions used in the BARS sorter range

  • mathematical methods of image processing
  • hardware design
  • color scanners with high resolution

Identification and sorting features

  • scanning both sides (100% of banknote surface) under visible, infrared and ultraviolet light
  • measuring the size and detecting discrepancies in the shape of the banknote
  • checking for the right distance  between printed picture and banknote edge (cut control)
  • checking for the right positioning of picture fragments in the whole picture (in composite banknotes)
  • monitoring fluorescence / phosphorescence of ink and paper
  • identifying magnetic soft / magnetic hard materials in paper and inks
  • detecting metalized stripe / thread
  • monitoring thickness (min/max) and detecting double notes
  • reading serial numbers, finding coinciding numbers (in composite banknotes)
  • detecting glossy objects, such as metalized stripes, foil, holograms, etc.
  • controlling high-level national security features (special security features of The Central Bank of Russia and other banks)
  • detecting spots, graffiti, creases, general wear (loss of contrast, changes in color)
  • recognizing adhesive tape, holes, tears, missing pieces, folded corners, and missing corners