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A sorting and counting machine of the next generation with high throughput
feeding rate: 15-16 banknotes/s
hopper capacity of the feeder unit: 1000+ banknotes
stackers: 5 output pockets for 100 banknotes each + 1 reject pocket

1. Throughput is higher than with the most other similar medium range models:

  • feeding rate 15-16 banknotes/s against 10-13 banknotes/s,
  • more banknotes (1000+) can be loaded into the feeder at once, and it reduces time spent on the loading and makes work with bundles more convenient.

2. Dimensions and weight is much smaller in comparison with heavy-duty floor-standing machines.

3. Sorting quality:

  • Camera resolution is higher compared with competitors (10 dots/mm against 5 dots/mm)
  • Numerous places for installation of scanners and detectors, providing additional opportunities of increasing the number of detected security features

4.  Working space is more user-friendly and more ergonomic (it’s possible to work with the feeder and all stackers without standing up) in comparison with heavy-duty floor-standing machines.

5. Optionally: functions of heavy-duty floor-standing machines such as shredding and banding (medium range machines do not necessarily have these options).