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automated warehouse for white paper and semi-manufactured articles (location: Perm Printing Factory of Goznak)

ASPHP System (automated system for intermediary storage of semi-manufactured articles) is designed to automate the warehouse work at the THE PERM PRINTING FACTORY. The accounting entity at the warehouse is a pallet with paper.

In 2003 THE PERM PRINTING FACTORY began erection of a new building for automated warehouse designed for storage of white paper and intermediate products (i.e. paper that has gone through at least one print cycle). The warehouse is controlled through the specifically developed warehouse system – ASPHP. The Warehouse consists of two rooms located on two floors of the building. Each room contains 4 racks and pallets with paper are stored in bins of these racks. Design of the racks ensures direct access to each pallet. Pallets are moved inside The Warehouse with various mechanisms – roll-tables, elevators, forklifts. Pallets are equipped with identifiers and bins of the racks are equipped with reader devices; it ensures that all movements and current locations of any pallet are monitored. Bin location warehousing is supported, i.e. the system can always answer the question which pallets with paper are where. To receive pallets and to dispense them from The Warehouse, at each floor there are 4 lock chambers with roll-tables. On the outside at the lock chambers there are tables for paper counting. These tables are used for such operations as putting together paper for pallets, accepting and dispensing pallets to printers, etc.

Warehouse work at lock chambers and roll-tables is performed by counting stock-keepers. The operation of the warehouse in general is controlled by administrator stock-keepers, who have a special program at their disposal. This program, which is a part of the system, allows them to retrieve information on the state of the warehouse in general.

The main warehouse operation mode is the automatic mode, which implies that there are no people inside the storage rooms. The warehouse is controlled through the special multilevel software, whose most important components are located in powerful state-of-the-art servers ensuring the uninterrupted reliable operation of the system. The software comprises work with mechanisms, monitoring the state of the warehouse, implementation of the business logic and the user interfaces.

Automating the storage allowed the Perm Printing Factory to increase the paper storing safety by allocating the responsibility for safe storage between the staff and the system.

Besides, the design of the storage allows the system to serve production needs efficiently, because pallets are moved around the storage (in particular, between the floors) in the “background” mode, “imperceptibly” for the staff.

Eventual changes in manufacturing processes will not be a reason to change the structure of the storage. It will only require a correction in the current storage process with the help of tools available in the system itself.