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Sberbank of Russia Warehouses

Sberbank of Russia Warehouses
Vault of the Uralsky Branch (location: Ekaterinburg)
Vault of the ZapadnoUralsky Branch (location: Perm)

The system is designed to process and store valuables packed in containers.

The system works with valuables of the following types:
• cash (banknotes and coins);
• precious metals in bullions;
• coins made of precious metals;
• sets of cartridges for ATM;
• security paper forms, packed in bundles by form types;
• bags with valuables from customers’ safe deposit boxes;
• keys packed in sacks;
• valuable parcels and envelopes with valuables.

The system employs containers of 3 types: for banknotes, cartridges, and coins. Each container is equipped with memory and an electronic seal, and marked with a barcode.

Containers are filled with valuables at reception (or repackaging), and emptied at delivery (or repackaging). Outside the vaults, containers are transported with manual trolleys. Containers get into the vaults (and back) through a holding room (vault No.1), or a transfer device (vault No.2).

In the vaults, storage items are placed in bins of the rack system. Each bin is equipped with an electronic commutator for identification of containers included in the common micro network. Inside the vaults, containers are handled (put into bins, removed from racks, transported) with a stacker crane.

Communication between the system and its users is ensured through workstations for administrator, workstations for stock-keepers (situated in the intermediary room), workstations for container generators (situated in cash processing rooms), and workstations for placement (situated near vault windows).