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The Warehouse of The Moscow Printing Factory

The Warehouse of The Moscow Printing Factory
Automated system of centralized storage (location: Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak)

The system is designed to automate the warehouse work under use of stationary racks for storage of white paper and intermediate products.

The accounting entities at the warehouse are white paper and intermediate products packed onto storage units such as pallets (for white paper, offset printed sheets, etc.) and metal wire-mesh containers (for intaglio printed sheets). Pallets and containers are equipped with RFID tags for automatic identification.

In the vaults, storage units are placed in bins of the rack system. Each bin is equipped with a pallet (container) RFID tag reader. Storage units are handled (placed in racks/bins, withdrawn from racks/bins) in the vault with a manual forklift.

Accepting paper to the vault and dispensing paper from the vault is performed through the door equipped with RFID tag readers for storage units. As a storage unit passes through the door, the RFID tag is automatically read and the direction of the movement is determined.

If a storage unit must be moved from one vault to another vault situated on another floor, then an elevator is used. It is controlled manually, but its doors are equipped with RFID tag readers.

Users of the system are stock-keepers, counters, forklift drivers, administrators. Users can only perform the actions that are assigned to them. The rights are assigned to users by system administrators.

The workplaces of stock-keepers and counters, the places of acceptance and transfer of valuables, and forklifts are automated.

At each floor, next to the automated doors, acceptance and transfer areas are established. These areas are designed to accept and dispense pallets and containers with paper.

The acceptance and transfer area is the location of stock-keeper’s workstation and cash processing workstation. Each forklift is equipped with the driver’s workstation.

Main types of operations in the system:
• registering storage unit,
• deleting storage unit from the system,
• accepting pallet to vault with counting of sheets,
• accepting container to vault without counting of sheets,
• counting paper from container,
• dispensing storage unit from vault for processing,
• dispensing storage unit from vault to the outside.